Whilst the tea brews… Pt 1

I like my tea loose like my… insert something that is not derogatory, so trousers?  Anyway, it takes a few minutes to brew the tea in my small, one-mug, cast iron tea pot and so that leaves me some spare time whilst it brews.  Clearly I have the time on my hands or else I would not be settling down for a cuppa and so I try to carry out something useful in these three to five minutes.  Once the tea pot and mug have been preheated and the pink tea cosy is in place I get to work.


Just to keep active and to remember I have a blog I will periodically detail some the activities I do whilst the tea brews.   I will start off with the time the tea was finished brewing about fifty minutes before I flicked the switch on the kettle.  This was the 27th of October, it should be clear that it took ten minutes for me to put my clocks back the hour into GMT.  Ten minutes is a long time for tea to brew, hell I like my tea strong, however, I do like it hot, so not the perfect cuppa.  This will become a recurring theme of whilst the tea brews, I have often forgotten all together that I have tea in the pot


Out of the five clocks in my living room one is radio controlled and so adjusted itself, which left me four in that room, one in the kitchen plus four watches, this accounts for the ten minutes.  No clocks in any other room, the ticking would keep me awake, it is just a shame this doesn’t always work in the lounge.  The rhythmic chugging of the clocks certainly rocks me to sleep when I have the intention of steaming through some pages of a book.


When the kettle is boiling I say to myself, ‘ooh, I could wash up whilst the tea brews’, unlike adjusting the clocks doing the washing up is regular ‘whilst the tea brews’ activity.  I say ‘whilst the tea brews’ so often it has become an in joke, an in joke with only myself – I live alone did I mention this?  I think it is quite obvious anyway.


I should get the patent ‘whilst the tea brews’ activity out the way also.  Whilst the tea brews I write something for my blog, which reminds me I have tea brewing.


About Stephen Yates

I'm a philosophy and literature graduate who does some writing in the spare time I am not working part time jobs to pay the rent.

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